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We would rather help to protect our client and keep them happy for years to come. At ASG Investigations , the parent company of Background Check Central; we have observed the evolution of pre-employment background screening, employee background checks and background investigations. In the beginning, only employers hiring executives and higher-level employees were conducting these valuable searches. Additionally, many companies have implemented initiatives to screen all of their employees annually in order to continually maintain a safe and productive workplace.

Unfortunately, workplace violence, theft, loss of property, sexual harassment, fraud and inefficiency due to poor qualifications are of great concern to employers. We understand these issues and have setup our pre-employment screening department to meet and exceed the concerns of our clients.

Pre-employment Screening and Background Checks for Organizations of all Sizes

We know that our potential clients need to shop around for the best prices and the most comprehensive services. We ask that you do take a look at other companies offering pre-employment screening. We are confident that we are that company. Take a close look at what you are being offered. Often times by purchasing the package, you are paying for Employee Screening searches that are irrelevant or not needed by your company.

At ASG, you make your own package and know exactly what you are going to pay ahead of time.

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No hidden fees, no extra charges. If a company is offering instant Employee Screening results, they are not providing you with direct source data. This is a very simple concept. Court records, state arrest records and conviction data take some time to be retrieved. In most cases twenty-four to seventy-two hours for criminal history searches and court record searches. If a company claims to be able to obtain this data in less time, be wary.

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Often times, a pre-employment screening company will buy bulk, outdated data. This is not directly from the source that created it and is almost always outdated. As a litmus test, ask a pre-employment screening company how long it takes to have an Illinois Statewide Criminal History Search returned.

If they reply that it takes any less than forty-eight hours, they are not providing you with results directly from the Illinois State Police. The IL State Police take an average of take forty-eight to seventy-two hours to return all criminal history requests. Another gauge is to ask a background check company if they can obtain Statewide Criminal History Searches in Ohio.

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Their reply should be that the applicant must submit a fingerprint card to the Ohio State Police. This is because there is no other way for a third party vendor to obtain true statewide criminal history searches in Ohio. Be cautious, several companies offer this as part of their services.

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We have created alternatives to this issue that exist in several states. All we can say about this gross misrepresentation is that if such a search existed, not only would our jobs be very easy, but the need for individual state searches and county level searches would be unnecessary. Being that only twenty or so states actually have accessible statewide criminal history searches, it is not likely that there will be such a tool available anytime soon.

As an example, the Federal Government maintains and utilizes at least five separate databases for criminal histories. In some cases, a federal officer may have to contact an individual state to have a search run. If a company offers this type of search, they are selling you a disclaimer.

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Be cautious. The only true, government supported national search is the Department of Justice national sex offender database. Start simplifying your recruiting, tracking and monitoring. Our industry leaders are ready to help you with the maximum-in-industry technical integrations poised to make your workflow more efficient and effective. A career with Sterling offers you a purpose. Be a part of something greater as you impact the lives of people around the world.

We serve clients who rely on the global workforce and our mission is to make every one of their work environments safer and more productive. Our work environment has been recognized globally for its award-winning culture. Working here, people receive amazing benefits and perks and feel engaged, energized and valued.

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Sterling, Simply Safer Trusted to create safer environments for your employees, customers, and partners around the world. Get Started. Learn More. See More. Learn more about Background Checks. Make sure the candidate you hired remains the employee you trust. Learn more about Workforce Monitoring.

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Discover the Sterling Advantage. Criminal Background Checks Our comprehensive background screening services raise the safety bar to help ensure faster, accurate hiring decisions. Learn More about Criminal Background Checks. Verifications We validate who you are hiring in advance with thorough verification services backed by our own powerful fulfillment engine. Learn more about Pre-Employment Verifications.