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In both cases, the administrator or executor of the estate can sell the property only if necessary to pay debts and expenses. An exception is if the property is devised to the executor of the will with instructions to sell the property.

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Other than a sale necessary to pay debts and expenses, once the real property is vested in the heirs or beneficiaries, it can only be sold if all of the new owners and their spouses agree. If the parties cannot agree on the sale, or if one of the owners or spouses is unavailable, a court proceeding for partition or sale in lieu of partition must be filed.

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This is a long and expensive process. If a minor child becomes the owner of real property, it also cannot be sold without a court order. Since deeds are not necessary under North Carolina law, the evidence of ownership for inherited real property is 1 the death certificate and 2 the probate file with the will, if any.

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  6. Wake County homeowners will soon see bump in property taxes.
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Because of the complications involved under this system, often the best way to transfer real estate is with a living trust. Southern Regional Center.

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Payments can also be made by credit card over the phone at or on the Wake County website. Tell Wendell Departments. Wake County Tax Payments The Wake County Revenue Department is responsible for listing, appraising, and assessing all real estate, personal property, and registered motor vehicles within Wake County and their service districts.

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  • Revenue Department Main Office S. Cary Town Hall N. Academy Street Cary NC 8 a.

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    Holly Springs Town Hall S. Northern Regional Center E. All questions should be directed to the Wake County Revenue Department at Southern Regional Center N.