Job searching tips for the mid age person

Browse employers recognized for retaining and attracting older, more experienced workers. Then search their current job listings.

Job Search Sites Just for Workers Age 50+

Have you decided to phase into retirement or are you tired of retirement? Check out these popular searches. Data suggests that older workers consider ease of entry, education requirements and availability when considering a new career. Here is a sample of popular choices:. Need information on educational programs in your area or online?

How to search for a job when you are over 40

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Your Reason has been Reported to the admin. Sometimes, it can seem as though few are offering legit tips to a group of people with decades of experience. Think about roles, industries, or particular companies at which senior practitioners would likely be highly valued.

Computer Training Opportunities

Could you be a fit for one of these? Examples of this may be jobs in which the clients are older adults e. Jenny Foss. Yuri Kruman. Age, no matter what the number, is an asset: Think of it as your stronghold in diversity. Avery Blank. Focus on your strengths in the job search. With age comes wisdom, perspective, maturity, experience both work and life. Market yourself around these important qualities. Keep your skills updated and seek training if you're a little rusty, or if you're interested in adding new tools to your toolbox.

Your age isn't within your control, but your actions and attitude are.